As a regional Chamber of Commerce, we are constantly challenged to find ways to bring lasting value to those we serve, our members, in addition to making positive contributions to the broader community.

The digital shift has had a profound impact on the face of business, bringing both challenges and opportunities. This, in addition to the global pandemic has made the last two years arguably some of the most unpredictable periods in a generation.

We are excited to bring to you, a Shop Local program to support our area merchants. We are pleased to share that this project will not only serve our immediate needs but one that lays an important foundation from which we can build and grow. The cornerstone of this project will be a regional website with an interactive digital directory and map.

A fundamental consideration for any shop local program is to make it easy for residents and visitors to discover what is available in their area. While this is the essence of our shop local project it can be expanded to showcase all aspects of our Region. Beyond businesses and service providers it can promote special places and attractions, parks and trails, events, and so forth. Collectively, a comprehensive resource to support placemaking, area tourism, and of course our initial focus, a shop local campaign.

We look forward to capturing your stories, profiling your businesses, and together create a compelling vision for our area that encourages and strengthens community engagement from one end of our region to the other.